Fincastle 1965 Photos - Courtesy Ron Petronko

Captions thanks to Fred Bartenstein, Larry Marshall, Ron Petronko, Andy Sacher


(Photographers unknown - following 3 photos)

Andy Sacher, Butch Robins, Larry Marschall, Tony Trischka,
Harry Gilmore (who later recorded as Lou Martin),
Bernie Wright? - played mando with the Stanley Bros that weekend, next 3 unknown

Jerry Stuart?, David Grisman                     County Records sale area, on picnic table
                                                                                 Far Left: Dave Freeman, County Records; Last 3 at the right...
                                                                               Jan Woods, Jimmy Woods (partially hidden), Ron Petronko

(All following images and photos by Ron Petronko)


Ralph & Carter Stanley                                                       Ralph & Carter Stanley

George Shuffler & Ralph Stanley                                           Bill Monroe, Carter & Ralph Stanley

George Shuffler, Bill Monroe, Carter Stanley, Ralph Stanley                                  Benny Martin, Don Reno                    

                                   Merle & Doc Watson                                                  Benny Martin (mostly hidden), Bill Monroe,
                                                                                                                    Don Reno, Mac Wiseman

                          Mac Wiseman                                                                         Red Smiley                                                   

NY Ramblers: Jody Stecher, Sandy Rothman, David Grisman,                                     Don Reno                                        
Fred Weisz, Winnie Winston                                                                                        

Blue Grass Boys: Gene Lowinger, Bill Monroe, Lamar Grier,                                     Bill Monroe                 
Peter Rowan, James Monroe                                                                                        

      Bill Monroe, Peter Rowan (Mandolin Workshop)                          David Grisman, David Deese, Red Smiley            

            Clyde Moody, John Palmer                                                      Bill Monroe, Clyde Moody

Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin                                                                         Jimmy Martin

              Jimmy Martin, Timmy Martin                    King Brothers and the Virginia Mountaineers: Doyle Sowers,    
                                                                                    Larry Hall, Glen King?

King Brothers and the Virginia Mountaineers: Glen King, Clinton King, Larry Hall

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Updated February 15, 2018