2nd Annual Fiddler's Gathering, Towne Crier Cafe , Beekman, NY, 1979

  Heard on Set 1
   Matt Glaser, Marty Laster, Richard Leiberson, Jay Ungar,
   Marty Cutler (banjo), Roger Mason, Bobby Mastro,
   Robin & Linda Williams, Peter ?, Bill Bachman, ,
   Evan Stover, Andy Stein, Maggie Holtsberg, Stever ? (bones),
   Julie Lieberman, Bob Arthis, Dave Songs,
   Bobby Nashtrove ("Mastro" above?)

  Additional names heard on Set 2
   Susan ?, Frank Orsini, George Wilson, Tony DeMarco,
   "Richard, Joe, and Don", Peter Ostroushko (Same as "Peter ?" above?)

  NOTE: Lots of obvious guessing on names, spelling & instruments played.
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  Set 1
  Set 2