Warrenton 1973

Courtesy Stephen Moore

 Note: All of these recordings were made on a cheap Sony pianokey cassette recorder,
 so please accept my apologies for the poor audio quality.

   Jam 1 (Byron Berline, Alan Munde, Buck White,
Jerry McCoury, Roger Bush)

   Jam 2 (Byron Berline, Vassar Clements, Alan Munde,
          Bill Keith, Sam Bush, David Grisman, Roger Bush,
          Grant Boatright)

   The Dillards  

   The Dillards "St. Peter's Gonna Put Me Up" (My story on WAMU 2007)

   Doug Kershaw  

   Jimmy Martin  

   Country Gentlemen  

   *Earl Scruggs Review  

   Lilly Brothers, Don Stover, Tex Logan  

   Peter Rowan, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Vassar Clements, Tex Logan

   Norman Blake  

   New Grass Revival  

   John Hartford  


     Read an editorial from Muleskinner News by Fred Bartenstein.

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Created June 25, 2017