Arm Bros. Band Members


   Dan Del Santo (1951-2001) - leader, guitar, steel

   Tim Duran - mandolin

   Evan Stover - fiddle [formerly with Fiddle Fever; currently with Walt Michael and Vanaver Caravan]

   Jerry Oland - banjo [formerly with Buddy Merriam & Back Roads]
                           View 2008 Interview with Jerry

   Robert Pool - bass [formerly with Texas Swing Kings]

   Ralph Smith - lead electric guitar

   Mario Grassi - drums

   Fred Gumaer - drums

   Chris Middaugh - steel guitar

   Wayne Terrin - lead electric guitar

   Larry Audette - piano

   Paul Constantine - trumpet

   Stu Shulman - steel guitar

   George Schacher - guitar

   Bill Troiani - bass

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