All Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association Videos by Fred Robbins


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  The Artists

Buddy Merriam & Back Roads, Bluegrass in the Schools, Special Consensus,
CB Smith, Grass Roots, Wickers Creek, Gene Lowinger, Red Dirt Road,
Val Mindel, Gene Yellin, Harmony Workshop, Blue Highway, Evolution of Bluegrass,
Audie Blaylock & Redline, Patrick McAvinue, Bob Stump & the Blue Mtn Boys,
Grass Fed, Two Dollar Goat, Hudson Crossing, Korey Brodsky Band, Buffalo Gals,
Lonesome River Band, The James King Band, Jim Hurst, Rob Ickes, Too Blue,
Bill Keith, Jim Rooney, Betsy Rome, Joan Harrison, Mike Sassano, Jamie Doris,
Byron Berline & Gold Rush, Jerry Oland, Jen Larson, Keith Edwards,
Angell Bandd, Blue Plate Special, Rich Hines & the Hillbilly Drifters,
Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys, Gibson Brothers, Lonely Heartstring Band,
RJ Storm & Old School, Mama Tried, Long Steel Rail, People vs. Josh Stark,
Brittany Haas, Joe Walsh, Owen Marshall