Akira, My Heartiest Congratulations!

I'm extremely proud to call Akira a genuine friend.
And that happened long before I was thrilled to see him nominated
among other greats and win in the category!

Over the last year, we talked a lot as he created the entire history of Bluegrass 45's
journey from Japan to the United States by translating his entire diary for a


I've known Akira for well over a decade, meeting him at Grey Fox where he was
an instructor for the Bluegrass Academy for Kids.

I never met him before that, but photographed him
at the 1972 Country Gentlemen Festival with his band, Bluegrass 45.

Akira and I have been sharing our love for not only the music, but for its history,
as well as photography, audio/hifi, and computers. As a photographer he's recently posted many stunningly historic photo shows.
Here's one small sample..    Watch

He also the co-produced the John Duffey tribute project "Epilogue"
with the late Ronnie Freeland, available from ...

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

He co-wrote the included 38-page booklet with Katey Daley, Dudley Connell, and Jeff Place.

I had the pleasure of recording the Epilogue workshop at Grey Fox in 2018, with stories by
Akira, Tim Kruzic, Ron Thomason, Kitsy Kuykendall, and Jerry Douglas.

In 2010 he put together a 4-part video series on John Duffey's mandolins...

Duffey made a Duck for Akira.

and Akira let me hold it (although I only knew chord!)

Akira, kudos for your accomplishments & recognition,
and thanks for our longtime friendship.

September 30, 2022

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