Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee (FCWC) Policy of Non-Advocacy


Our mission is to encourage individuals and entities, both public and private, to work for the protection of the natural environment within the Fishkill Creek Watershed. In order to fulfill this mission effectively, we must be able to work with politicians, government agencies, municipalities, businesses, and property owners with diverse views and political philosophies. As such, it would be detrimental to the mission of the FCWC to participate in partisan or divisive debates.


General Guidelines


       Any action taken, or statement made, by the FCWC will be based on sound science or other reputable methods.


       Any action taken, or statement made, by the FCWC will be for the benefit of the watershed.


       As far as possible, statements should be generalized and apply to the entire watershed.


Protocol for Proposed Actions and Statements


       Proposed actions must first be approved the FCWC, after discussion at an official meeting and/or by consensus on the listserve by an established date.


       Any approved actions will be carried out by the Chair, or an appointee, of the FCWC.


       No person shall act in the name of the FCWC without following the procedures listed here, although they may repeat a previously approved statement.


       Once approved, statements can be posted, published, or recited at public venues such as the FCWC website, local newspapers, radio and television stations, and municipal meetings.


Specific Guidelines and Prohibitions


       The FCWC will not participate or involve itself in partisan politics of any kind, including endorsements, campaigns, fundraising, etc.


       The FCWC will not originate nor support litigation.


       The FCWC will not support or oppose any specific development or other related projects. However, the FCWC may publicly comment, following the guidelines above, on specific aspects of a given project, and offer alternatives that will help protect the watershed.


       The FCWC will not lobby for or against proposed legislation. However, the FCWC may support the general concept of proposed legislation and may provide copies of relevant scientific or other reputable studies. For example, the FCWC could state its general support for a wetland protection ordinance or a steep slope ordinance.


       Requests for the FCWC to officially support or lend its name to proposals or projects of any kind, including grant proposals, will be considered only if it is consistent with the mission and goals of the FCWC and the FCWC has the time and expertise to fully review and understand the proposal.

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