Karen Roberts, Cablevision News
: The Fishkill Watershed Committee held their monthly meeting last night.


The committee's goal - to protect the natural environment within the Fishkill Creek.

Members discussed monthly wrap-up items, including an update on the dam survey and the release of their management plan, which includes the condition of the stream, which covers Unionvale, Beekman, East Fishkill, Fishkill, and Pawling.

The committee also discussed their continuing education project which works with high-school teachers to bring the education to students about the environmental importance of the creek, and talked  about community response to the organization.

Rick Oestrike, Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee: When we're doing projects like the...stream walk project we did last year, we had a lot of community support. A lot of people volunteered and helped us out.

Not too long ago we helped to set up a cleanup of the creek in the City of Beacon. Again, we had a lot of public support. A lot of people volunteered to help us there. That was also with Scenic Hudson. They were the overall sponsors - and George Mansfield, who's a resident who lives by the creek in the City of Beacon and knows a lot of people there.

So, when we have events like that, typically we have a good turnout and lots of volunteers from the community.

Roberts: For more information about the committee, go to their website at [FishkillCreekWatershed.org].

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