Terence Michos, Cablevision News
Well, it's been over two years in the making,
but now, after persistence and some financial
support from the New York State DEC, the
Fishkill Watershed Committee is moving
into a strategic stage in saving the Fishkill

And last night at the Hudson River Estuaries Center in Beacon, the group, along with Estuaries Center Director Frances Dunwell, lauded the work of the Fishkill Watershed Committee, and unveiled its new Natural Resource Management Plan.

To see that occur, the comprehensive plan calls for steps to achieve watershed conservation, water quality of the Fishkill watershed, and creating buffers along the banks of the [creek], to help achieve these goals.

A key component to the success of the new management plan was community and municipal involvement.

Rick Oestrike,
Fishkill Watershed Committee Chairman:
Oh, it's great. Now we just have to get some input
from the public and from municipalities and so on...
trying to protect the watershed, to try to solve
some of the problems that we've come across,
and also just to figure out what's out there - what
needs to be preserved, what areas are in good shape,
what areas have problems, and what those problems

Everybody needs to help to maintain the health of the watershed.

Fred Robbins,
Fishkill Watershed Committee Webmaster
And one of the prime things that everybody
needs is water. And, we're in the watershed,
as everybody is in a watershed.

I'm proud of all the things we've done, the
activities we've done over the last few years,
that you can see on the slide show behind us,
from planting seedlings, to having canoe
trips, to being at community days for the
municipalities, to getting a website, to
talking to the media - to get the word out.

Michos: Well, the Fishkill Watershed extends from Unionvale to Beacon. To read the full Management Plan, go to your local library or the watershed website at [FishkillCreekWatershed.org]

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