Fishkill Creek Stream Walk 2004 - Impaired Sites for Segment FC-14 - July 16, 2004
Photos by Dan Troge & Rick Oestrike

FC14_Imp-A_07_16_04-001.jpg 46.9K
14 A-001

FC14_Imp-A_07_16_04-002.jpg 69.2K
14 A-002

FC14_Imp-A_07_16_04-003.jpg 40.6K
14 A-003

FC14_Imp-A_07_16_04-004.jpg 41.0K
14 A-004

FC14_Imp-B_07_16_04-001.jpg 47.2K
14 B-001

FC14_Imp-B_07_16_04-002.jpg 75.2K
14 B-002

FC14_Imp-X_07_16_04-001.jpg 77.2K
14 X-001

FC14_Imp-X_07_16_04-002.jpg 62.6K
14 X-002

FC14_Imp-X_07_16_04-003.jpg 52.4K
14 X-003

FC14_Imp-Y_07_16_04-001.jpg 47.2K
14 Y-001
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(NOTE: pictures marked X and Y will be properly renamed soon. 7/30/04)

The picture names indicate the segment, impaired site designation, picture number
e.g. FC01_Imp-A -001
See aerial photos here and here for segment location.

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