B-36 - Pima Air & Space Museum - Arizona Bucket List Trip 2017
Known as the "Peacemaker", it must've worked, since it never entered combat and dropped a bomb.
Its piston and jet engines were referred to as "Six Turnin' and Four Burnin'".
Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson
B-36 at the top center.
PimaAirMuseum-02 Pima-walkthru-055 GOPR4041-crop-Fred-B36
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I grew up in Miami in the 1950s. There was a SAC base in Homestead. The B-36s
used to fly over a lot, always already at high altitude. But the sound was unmistakable!
On one occasion, probably Memorial Day or 4th of July, there must've been a local
parade. I heard the sound, rushed outside to see 3 B-36s in formation at what looked
like 500' but was probably 2,000'.
Then in about 1980 a buddy of mine, fellow pilot and French Connection aerobatic
student Jeff flew us in a C-177 to the Dayton Airshow to see the French Connection.
Before heading home we'd planned to visit the Air Force Museum where I'd dreamed
for 30 years of seeing the B-36. But that morning, the weather was closing in and
Jeff made the correct decision to takeoff ahead of the weather. As we ascended
above the scattered cloud layer, there was an opening through which, for about
5 seconds, I was able to see the museum below exactly where the Peacemaker resided!
In 2017, my buddy Jim Davis, FAA DER and fellow Clemson grad, invited me to
fly from NY to Arizona for a bucket-list trip. When he asked me what I'd like to see in
Tucson, I said maybe the Pima Air Museum that I'd seen in 2000. A few days later
when Air & Space magazine arrived, I was really sure - There was an article about
high-altitude aerial photography with a 2-page spread of Pima. I was looking at it,
remembering each a/c we saw years before, and lo-and-behold there's now a B-36!
(lower right in the link below.)
So the dream came true!
The B-36 is featured in this movie (still available) with at least 20 minutes of beautiful official footage. You can hear its unique, unmistakable sound.
B36-GoPro-5 b36-walkaround-thumb
It took 3½ minutes to walk around with the GoPro. I sped it up and smoothed it out.
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IMG 4171 IMG 4172 IMG 4196 IMG 4170 IMG 4173 IMG 4174 IMG 4191 IMG 4175 IMG 4176 GOPR4056 Walkwing-thumb1
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IMG 4177 IMG 4188 IMG 4193 IMG 4189 GOPR4057 IMG 4198 IMG 4194 IMG 4190 GOPR4042 GOPR4043 GOPR4045 IMG 4179 GOPR4046 GOPR4048 GOPR4049 IMG 4181 B36-GoPro-1
See me?
B36-GoPro-2 B36-GoPro-3 B36-GoPro-4 IMG 4187 IMG 4184 IMG 4183 IMG 4185 IMG 4199 IMG 4195 IMG 4186 IMG 4192 IMG 4201 B36Vidoedummy
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Former Convair B-36 Peacemaker crew member Bob Preising recounts his experiences with the aircraft at Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, with the last B-36 built and the last to fly, 52-2827 "City of Ft. Worth". October 24, 2016. Bob is a member of the Phoenix Wing of the American Aviation Historical Society. facebook.com/aahsphoenix/
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