B-36 - Pima Air & Space Museum - Arizona Bucket List Trip 2017
Known as the "Peacemaker", it must've worked, since it never entered combat and dropped a bomb.
Its piston and jet engines were referred to as "Six Turnin' and Four Burnin'".
Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson
B-36 at the top center.
PimaAirMuseum-02 Pima-walkthru-055 GOPR4041-crop-Fred-B36
One of my alltime favorite aricraft. Living in Coral Gables in the 1950s, I would see and hear the B-36s from the Homestead SAC Base.
Three decades ago I missed seeing the one at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base due to bad weather.
So 6 decades later here I am!
The B-36 is featured in this movie (still available) with at least 20 minutes of beautiful official footage. You can hear its unique, unmistakable sound.
B36-GoPro-5 b36-walkaround-thumb
It took 3½ minutes to walk around with the GoPro. I sped it up and smoothed it out.
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IMG 4171 IMG 4172 IMG 4196 IMG 4170 IMG 4173 IMG 4174 IMG 4191 IMG 4175 IMG 4176 GOPR4056 Walkwing-thumb1
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IMG 4177 IMG 4188 IMG 4193 IMG 4189 GOPR4057 IMG 4198 IMG 4194 IMG 4190 GOPR4042 GOPR4043 GOPR4045 IMG 4179 GOPR4046 GOPR4048 GOPR4049 IMG 4181 B36-GoPro-1
See me?
B36-GoPro-2 B36-GoPro-3 B36-GoPro-4 IMG 4187 IMG 4184 IMG 4183 IMG 4185 IMG 4199 IMG 4195 IMG 4186 IMG 4192 IMG 4201 IMG 4202
The End