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We are using a J3Cub for the tailwheel training
and a CAP 10B for the aerobatic training.

Hourly Prices

  • CAP 10B Dual or Supervised Solo ...$196.00

  • Piper J3 CUB Dual or Supervised Solo ... $67.00

  • Aerobatics Ground School ... $30.00

  • J3 CUB Ground School... $20.00

  • J3 CUB Solo .... $45.00

  • Supervised solo critique in your own Aircraft.....$50.00

Flight Discount Packages

  • CAP 10B 5 Hours Dual .... $980.00

  • CAP 10B 10 Hours Dual .... $1900.00

  • CAP 10B 15 Hours Dual ... $2685.00

  • CAP 10B 5 Hours Supervised Solo ...... $865.00

Embry Riddle 1 Credit Course - 4.5 hours in CUB & 7.0 hours in CAP 10B including tailwheel and spin endorsement

Embry Riddle 2 Credit Course - 4.5 hours in CUB & 11.0 hours in CAP 10B including tailwheel and spin endorsement

Introductory flight in the CAP 10B - $143.00 with a $20.00 credit toward any packages (good for two months)

Aerobatics lesson in the CAP 10B run generally between seven & eight tenths of an hour because of the proximity of our practice area

Ground school (brief/debrief) for each lesson averages six tenths of an hour for each lesson.

*Packages prices include flight time AND ground school

All prices include all equipment necessary to fly: parachutes and headsets for the CAP 10B, and intercom and headsets for the PIPER CUB

Flight packages must be paid in full before first flight

One spin course and three aerobatics course are approved by the FAA and the VA.

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