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Flagler Co. Airport, SR 1, Box 18 T # 7, Bunnell, FL 32110, Tel : xxx, Fax: xxxx

1- SHOW FEE ...............................................................     WEEKEND (SAT. &/OR SUN.) : ................ $___________
                                                                                                Each consecutive Airshow Day @ US$ : __________
                                                                                                                                        AIRSHOW FEE : __________

2- TRAVEL EXPENSES : See attached chart behind price list (*1) ................     State: _______           $___________

                                                                                                                                    TOTAL FEE: $__________

3- ARRIVAL : Weather permitting, the day before the Press Show or first Press appearances. (*2)

4- DEPARTURE: Weather permitting, the day after the last day of the show. If we have to stay longer, we will pay for         our hotel & car from then on.

5- REQUIREMENTS : Provided by the show sponsor while at the show site and during duration of stay.

a) Fuel: 100LL; 5 gal per aircraft, per flight + full tanks before departure (80 gals max. for full tank)
b) Smoke oil: paraffin based mineral oil, 13-15 weight. PREFERABLY TEXACO CANOPUS 13; 5 gals per aircraft, per         flight.
c) One medium size car minimum, 4 doors, with full gas.
d) One hotel room for two, with a King size bed preferably, double bed minimum.
e) Hangar space for 2 CAP 10B.

6- PAYMENT : 25 % at reservation, balance the last day of show at the latest.

7- CANCELLATION : a) If we never arrive at the Show site, you will receive full refund of your payment.

b) If you cancel the Show before we arrive, we will keep your down payment.
c) If we do arrive at your show site, we expect our full fee & requirements, regardless of weather.
d) Mechanical failure or illness which would prevent us to perform, will be discussed with the Airshow Sponsor if they      occur, and treated in a fair way for the Airshow sponsor.

8- INSURANCE : We carry a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy which includes Airshow and media rides. If you want      to be added as an additional insured or have other names on our policy, you will have to pay for the extra expenses if    any.

For these considerations, we will fly ONE DUAL ACT EVERY DAY OF THE SHOW & CIRCLE THE FLAG JUMP FOLLOWED WITH A TEASER, if you so desire. If you have a PRESS SHOW or a PRACTICE SHOW the day before, we will be happy to participate at no extra cost.

By signing this agreement, you will be agreeing to both our Fees & Requirements. Other than illness or an Act of God, when signed by both of us, this paper will constitute a binding agreement.

________________________________________                             ________________       ___________________

Airshow Sponsor Name & Signature                             French Connection Airshow                                  Date

________________________________________                             ______________________________________

Airshow Site                                                                 Date (s) of performances

(*1) We reserve the right to increase our travel expenses proportionally with the price of fuel. However, there will be NO change in travel expenses once the contract is signed by both party and the down payment is received.

(*2) If you want us to do some media work, we will arrive the day before the first press appearance or interview. You will then provide us with all our requirements. If we do arrive early and you do not want to use us, we will pay for our hotel and car until the day before the first press appearance or until 2 days before the show, whichever comes first. (e.g. until Thursday morning for a Saturday Show


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*** Original Website Reproduced with permission
in Memory of Daniel & Montaine ***