The CAP 232 is following the CAP 231 and CAP 231EX as World Unlimited Aerobatic Champion. The CAPs have won three out of the last 4 World Championships and have won more medals than any other aircraft. The French Team, lead by Patrick Paris (Current World Champion) and all flying CAP 232, won the Team title. We are also very proud of Matt Chapman, with his CAP 231EX, first American, 3rd in the Men Standing.

David Martin made the US Team with his brand new CAP 232 along with Robert Amstrong with his CAP 231.

Mike Goulian is flying the Airshow circuit this year with his new CAP 232 sponsored by Reebok.

Power plant: Lycoming
AE10 540 L1 B 5D
constant speed MT
propeller MTV-14-B-C/C190-17

length 22.2ft
wing span 24.3 ft
wing area 109.2 sqft
gross weight
(cat. "N")
1810 lb
gross weight
(cat. "A")
1610 lb
empty weight 1290 lb
never exceed speed 252 mph
219 kts
cruise speed (75%) 200 mph
180 kts
max. cruise speed 217 mph
189 kts
maneuvering speed 195mph
170 kts
rate of climb 3290 ft/mn
stalling speed 65 mph
56 kts
limit load factors +/- 10G
rate of roll
(Va speed)
unrefueled range at 45% power 650 mm
Based on the long term CAP231 and CAP231 EX experience, CAP Aviation has designed a completely new wing for the CAP232.  Made of high performance pre-impregnated carbon fiber, cured at high temperature under high pressure (autoclave system), the new airfoil provides increased strength, stiffness and lower weight.  A direct benefit of this cutting edge technology is an empty weight less than 1300 pounds!

Lower weight translates directly into low inertia, boosting the already legendary handling characteristics of the CAP's to combine precision, performance and ease (420 degrees roll rate for example).

Line-bred from the CAP231 EX's superlative ergonomics, the CAP232 will distinguish itself as the most pilot friendly, best performing, and most comfortable World Class Unlimited aircraft available.

With 55 gallons of usable fuel and a 200 MPH cruising speed, the CAp232 is not only the best aerobatics aircraft around, but the most versatile.  Factory installed navigation panels allow ample room for a GPS, NavCom and Mode C transponder for cross-country flights of up to 650 nautical miles.

Fuel inverted system
Christen inverted oil system

$250,000.00 delivered in the US
subject to change with the rate of exchange

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