The newest member of the Cap aircraft family, the Cap 222, has already garnered a solid reputation as an ultra high performance tandem trainer and competition aircraft.

Equally adaptable to the exacting requirements of unlimited aerobatic competitors and the novice, Cap 222 aircraft are well on their way to becoming the dominant choice of aerobatic schools and dream machine lovers.

Designed to extract maximum performance from a low cost four cylinder engine, Cap 222 airframes are the first in aerobatic community to be constructed entirely from carbon fiber and being certified JAR 23.

Power plant: Textron-Lycoming
AE10 360 A1E
Propeller: MT propeller
constant speed, 3 blades

length 20ft
wing span 22 ft
height 67ft
empty weight 1000 lb
gross weight 1675 lb
wing area 90 sqft
wing cord at root 60 in
wing cord at tip 36 in
cockpit width
front /rear
28-23 in
Wing-loading 15.6 lb/sqft
fuel capacity
main wing tank
18 + 41 Gal(US)
rudder pedal adjustment 6 in
limit load factors
1350 lbs
10 G
range 600 sm
540 nm
Roll Rate 500/s
stall speed
57 kts
VNE 220 kts

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