It is interesting to mention that three out of the last Four World Champions started their aerobatic training with a CAP 10B which is still today the best compromise between power, performance, price and friendliness to start learning aerobatics


Power plant: Lycoming
AE10 360 B2F-180 HP
fixed pitch propeller

length 23.5ft
wing span 26.5 ft
wing area 116.8 sqft
gross weight
(cat. "N")
1830 lb
gross weight
(cat. "A")
1720 lb
empty weight 1190 lb
Useful load
(normal flight)
640 lb
Wing-loading 15.6 lb/sqft
never exceed speed 211 mph
185 kts
cruise speed (75%) 155 mph
135 kts
max. cruise speed 170 mph
146 kts
range 600 sm
540 nm
rate of climb 1600 ft/mn
stall speed
61 mph
51 kts
stall speed
53 mph 
43 kts
service ceiling 16400 ft
certified for aerobatics +6 G -4.5 G
With over 300 CAP10s out there in more than 20 countries, the design has accumulated in excess of 5000,000 flight hours. The wooden structure airframe has proven to be a stalwart design that is user-friendly, sturdy and reliable.  For over two decades, the CAP10, with its side-by-side seating and dual controls, has provided excellent training for military, aeroclubs and private schools.

The CAP10s continued popularity and outstanding track record presage a continuation of the standard of excellence already in place.

The two CAP 10s flown by the French Connection Airshow are  standard aircraft except for the smoke system and the Mattituck Red Gold Engines.

The new CAP 10 will feature a better payload, a carbon/wood spar, better rate of roll and more comfort. This aircraft will be available by Summer of 2000 in the USA. Options can be reserved with a $3,000.00 deposit only..

The selling price will be around $155,000.00 depending upon the rate of exchange.

Fuel inverted system
Christen inverted oil system

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