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Local Letter on Segmentation

East Fishkill Town Board
March 13, 2002

East Fishkill Town Hall
330 Route 376
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

To be entered into the minutes of the East Fishkill Town Board meeting on March 14, 2002; and into the public comments for the East Fishkill Comprehensive Plan ("Master Plan"):

[Excerpt on Segmentation]

Also, please find attached letter to Mr. Robert Dennison, Regional Director N.Y.S. D.O.T., dated January 25, 2002.



Paul Wise



January 25, 2002

Robert Dennison
Regional Director N.Y.S. D.O.T.
4 Burnett Road
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601

Dear Mr. Dennison:

It has been suggested to us to send you this summary of our findings.

We would appreciate your careful attention and consideration in these matters.

Should you find any errors in our summary, we would appreciate your pointing them out to us.



Paul Wise
2 Hammer Drive
Hopewell Jct., N.Y. 12533

After careful review of the Master Plan of the Town of East Fishkill, we have become aware of significant and important changes in the proposal grid involving residential areas and significant route changes and adjustments.

Viable and disturbing facts have arisen here that demand an answer. By fragmenting all the elements of the plan to accommodate special interest, the "public" deserves further and complete explanation of the plan proposed.

Our findings are as follows:


A. Let's start with the map from the East Fishkill Master Plan depicting the following:

   *Route 52 to Carpenter Road (CR-29)
   *Carpenter Road (CR-29) to Beekman Road (CR-9)
   *Beekman Road (CR-9) to Rte. 82
   *Rte. 82 to the junction of Fishkill Road & Rte. 376
   *Fishkill Road to Rte. 82
   *Rte. 82 to Palen Road (CR-31)

1. The single bridge over the railroad tracks (CR-29) east of the Taconic State Parkway is replaced with a heavy-duty two lane bridge and newly graded approaches.
COST: Approximately 2.5 million dollars.
RESULT: This enables interstate-type trucks/trailers to use Carpenter Road (CR-29).

2. Bridge over the Fishkill Creek on Carpenter Road (CR-29) west of the Taconic State Parkway.

RESULT: Replaced with a heavy-duty bridge, a 40-ton capacity. It is now capable of interstate truck/trailer use, changing (CR-29), zoned residential, into a commercial route which would demand re-engineering of the existing road.

3. Remove monument at Beekman Road (CR-9) and Rte. 82 making it possible to extend (CR-9) to the juncture of Rte. 376 and Fishkill Road. Fishkill Road to Rte. 82 to Palen Road completes the bypass of the Hamlet of Hopewell Junction.

RESULT: This will enable mining interests to revisit the proposed soil and gravel pits without going through the hamlet.

4. Get the State DOT-Taconic Authority to build a grade-separated crossing at the Carpenter Road and Taconic State Parkway which will enable this project to be possible. Obviously, without the State authorities, the entire concept is unworkable. The DOT owes a rational explanation of why a multimillion dollar expenditure is justified and necessary.

Maps and plats are demonstrated and displayed in the updated Master Plan of East Fishkill.

Route (CR-29), of which Carpenter Road is a part, has been designated as a minor arterial route.

B. *Carpenter Road (CR-29) crossing at Beekman Road (CR-9) to Clove Branch Road (CR-29) to Route 376.

RESULT: Continuation of (CR-29) as an "arterial" providing an added alternate route for commercial truck/trailer traffic to the northern, eastern and western points of Dutchess County; again, through residentially zoned areas.

THE DETERMINATION: To use a segmented process to achieve a long term result is blatant segmentation. IT IS ILLEGAL. This entire project should be named. The public is owed the SEQR process including routes, alternative routes, environmental impacts in regard to wetlands, degradation of the Fishkill Creek (a watershed area). There should be a discussion of mitigating property disruption and devaluation. There should be alternative routes proposed. This would be demanded if the "Project No Name" was legitimized. A full statement in the pattern of the 1988 (CR11-CR9) study would be necessary.

All of the above is an unlawful way to force on the public a governmental outrage; in which the subtle hand with the velvet glove deals another blow to the body politic.

Paul Wise
Hopewell Jct., N.Y. 12533

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