French Connection Book, English Edition, Order Steps

From Jeff Roman 1/2/2015:
I ordered it on 12/27/14, it was shipped on 12/29/14 and arrived on 1/2/15.
I never received any E-mail from the shipper. The invoice included is in French.
The Total cost $53.95 Canadian Dollars. It is a paperback version in English.
Here are the steps with clarifications and translations which I hope will help you.

  Go to this page (which will open in a new window or tab)...

  It should look like this...


  After selecting Quantity, then clicking the Order button, you should see...


  After clicking on Pay the Bill, you should see the French version
(translated here for you)...


  Fill in items 1 to 3 (I think Credit Card is the only option gives you),
and click on Finish.