Bill Keith 1939-2015: Charts Created & Signed by Bill Keith
Courtesy Phil Zimmerman


Circle of 5ths

Banjo Tab
Top line - Foggy Mountain Breakdown lick
Middle line - Thumb-lead Forward Roll
Bottom line - Middle-Index-Middle-Thumb pattern

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  Marcia and I were at Banjo Camp North in May, 2003. We sat in on one of
Bill's classes. We were so impressed with his presentation and diagrams
that when the class was over, we asked him to sign the flip chart pages
instead of tossing them. He was amused and, I think, flattered. They've
been kept safe in a mailing tube since then. When he passed, we thought
we should frame them and share them. We'll have them at Joe Val, and at
Guitar & Mandolin Camp North in April, and Banjo Camp North in May.
-Phil Zimmerman, Director, Music Camps North, January 2016


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January 30, 2016