Guitar Workshop
Recorded by Ken Landreth
Carlton Haney's Camp Springs Festival in Reidsville, NC
Friday August 29, 1969

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Hosted by Fred Bartenstein

Don Reno
Clyde Moody
Dan Crary
Wayne Stewart

Redwing (Don Reno)
Gray Eagle (Don Reno)
Don Reno talks about learning to play guitar
Browns Ferry Blues (Don Reno)
Makes No Difference Now (Don Reno)
Turkey in the Straw (Don Reno & Clyde Moody)
Unknown Tune (Clyde Moody & Don Reno)
I Don't Love Nobody (Clyde Moody & Don Reno)
Unnamed Blues(Clyde Moody)
Six White Horses (Clyde Moody)
Jesus Will Save Your Soul (Don Reno)
Silver Bells (Don Reno)
Roanoke (Don Reno)
Beaumont Rag (Dan Crary) vSweet Sunny South (Dan Crary & Wayne Stewart)
Devils Dream (Dan Crary)
Black Mountain Rag (Wayne Stewart & Dan Crary)
In The Pines (Dan Crary & Wayne Stewart)
Red Haired Boy (Dan Crary & Wayne Stewart)
Monroe's Hornpipe (Dan Crary & Wayne Sewart)

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