Banjo Workshop - Part 1
Recorded by Ken Landreth
Carlton Haney's Camp Springs Festival in Reidsville, NC
Friday August 29, 1969

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Hosted by Roger Sprung

Butch Robins
Al Osteen
Roger Sprung
Rual Yarbrough
Buddy Spurlock
Don Reno
Bill Emerson

Lonesome Road Blues (Yarbrough. Robins, Osteen)
Old Joe Clark (Yarbrough. Robins, Osteen)
Wildwood Flower (Robins)
Shuckin' The Corn (Osteen)
Sailor's Hornpipe (Robins)
Devil's Dream (Robins)
Ruben (Robins)
Hard Times (Sprung)
John Henry (Yarbrough. Sprung/clawhammer)
Dusty Miller (Yarbrough)
Dusty Miller (slowed down-Yarbrough)
Skip To My Lou (Sprung)
Dixie Ride (Yarbrough)
40 Years Late (before it had a name, Robins)
On and On (demonstrating backup banjo, Yarbrough)
Sprung talks about a TB-18 he has for sale - $1,600
Roanoke (Robins, Osteen)

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