The Story of Bluegrass, Part 2, Camp Springs, 1969
Recorded by Ken Landreth
Carlton Haney's Camp Springs Festival in Reidsville, NC
Sunday August 31, 1969

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Narration throughout by Carlton Haney

Bill Monroe, Rudy Lyle, McCoury, Kenny Baker, Jerry McCoury
White House Blues (Twitty Bird fly-over during introduction)
It's Mighty Dark for Me To Travel

Bill Monroe and Carl Story
In the Pines
True Life Blues

Bill Monroe and Clyde Moody, Kenny Baker, Rudy Lyle, Joe Greene, Tex Logan
Live and Let Live
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Six White Horses

Bill Monroe with Mac Wiseman, Don Reno, Benny Martin, George Shuffler
Can't You Hear Me Calling
Dear Old Dixie
Traveling Down This Lonesome Road
Orange Blossom Special (interrupted by end of tape)
When He Reached Down His Hand for Me

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