The Story of Bluegrass, Part 1, Berryville, 1969
Recorded by Ken Landreth
Carlton Haney's Festival in Watermelon Park, Berryville, VA
July 6, 1969

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Narrated by Carlton Haney

Bill Monroe, Kenny Baker (f), Rual Yarbrough (b), James Monroe (g), Bill Yates (bass)
Muleskinner Blues
Uncle Pen
Shady Grove

Bill Monroe, Clyde Moody (g), Kenny Baker (f), Rual Yarbrough (b), Bill Yates (bass)
I Know What It Means
In The Pines
Back Up and Push

Bill Monroe, Don Reno (b), Mac Wiseman (g), Clyde Moody (g), Kenny Baker (f), John Palmer (bass)
Canít You Hear Me Calling
Bluegrass Breakdown
The Old Crossroads is Waiting
Six More Miles
Crying Holy

Bill Monroe, Jim Eanes (g), Don Reno (b), Kenny Baker (F), John Palmer (bass)
Sparkling Blue Eyes
Just A Little Talk With Jesus
Dear Old Dixie (Donnie Byrant-lead banjo, Done Reno-2nd banjo)

Bill Monroe, Bill Harrell (g), Don Reno (b), Kenny Baker (f), John Palmer (bass)
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong (incomplete)

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