John Hartford Campground Jam Session
Recorded in the campground by Jan Way & transferred to reel tape by Ken Landreth
Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festival in Bean Blossom, IN
June 18, 1971 - Morning

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John Hartford-banjo
Norman Blake-guitar
Tut Taylor-mandolin, dobro
Pete Sayers-autoharp, guitar
Vassar Clements-fiddle (joins session at Darling Corey)
This informal session was recorded in the campground at the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
at 11:00AM on June 18, 1971 by Jan Way using a portable tape recorder and then transferred to
reel tape at the festival by Ken Landreth.

This is the same session captured at 2:08 in the video posted HERE on YouTube.

Arkansas Traveler
Nashville Skyline Rag
- ? -
Little Birdie (new words)
- ? -
- ? -
- ? -
- ? -
Lay Down My Old Guitar
Black Mountain Rag
Methodist Pie
Sally Goodin'
Fire on the Mountain
Old Spinning Wheel
Darling Corey
Shady Grove
Grey Eagle
Sally Goodin'
The First Whippoorwill
Bill Cheatum
Bluegrass Stomp
Earl's Breakdown
Girl I Left Behind Me

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