Cliff Waldron and The New Shades Of Grass &
The Shenandoah Cut-Ups, Part 2
Camp Springs 1971

 Cliff Waldron - guitar; Mike Auldridge - dobro; Dave Auldridge - mandolin
Bill Poffinberger - fiddle; Ed Ferris - bass; Don Stover - banjo, set 1
Jimmy Arnold - banjo, set 2; Ben Eldridge - banjo, set 3

         Set 1
    Nine Pound Hammer
    I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew (brief dropout at 0:55)
    Sunny Side of My Life
    Cannonball Blues
    Old Kentucky Bound
    Take Me in the Lifeboat
    My Mother Plays So Loud in Her Sleep
    Shuckin' the Corn
    The Water's So Cold

         Set 2
    Gotta Get a Message to You
    Sunny Side of My Life
    Take the Ribbon From Your Hair
    Rock Bottom
    Walk a Mile in My Shoes
    Before I Met You
    Bill Cheatham
    Falling Leaves
    Close the Door Lightly

         Set 3
    (stage banter)
    unknown instrumental... (cuts off)
    (cuts in)... Poison Love
    In the Early Morning Rain
    Spanish Grass
    Ice Covered Birches
    Fox on the Run

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