Curtis Blackwell, Randall Collins, and the Dixie Bluegrass Boys
Camp Springs 1971

 Randall Collins - fiddle, Curtis Blackwell - guitar, Eddie Hoyle - banjo,
Larry Jefferson - mandolin, Sam Cobb - bass

         Set 1
    Long Black Veil
    Think of What You've Done
    The Dixie Breakdown
    Cryin' for You Darlin'
    Shackles and Chains
    The Fiddler's Dream
    How Many Hearts Have You Broken?
    The Life of a Poor Boy

         Set 2
    Sittin' On Top of the World
    Living a Lie
    The Georgia Cotton
    I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
    East Virginia Blues
    The Drunk Indian
    Long Black Veil
    The Dixie Breakdown
    Train 45
    The Heaven Light is Shining on Thee

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