Bean Blossom, 6.2, June 18, 1972
Sunday afternoon

        Lester Flatt And The Nashville Grass
        Lester Flatt - guitar, Haskell McCormick - banjo, Roland White - mandolin,
        Jack Martin - dobro, Johnny Johnson - bass, Paul Warren - fiddle
    Salty Dog
    Shucking The Corn
    The Bluebirds Sing For Me
    Mocking Banjo
    Back Into Birmingham
    Katie Hill
    Moonlight On My Cabin
    Is Anybody Going North To Cincinnati
    Ballad Of Jed Clampett
    Getting The 9 Fiddlers Ready

        Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys
        Howdy Forrester, Kenny Baker, Tex Logan,
        Paul Warren, Buck Ryan, Art Stamper,
        Vernon Jerrick, Jim Brock, Curly Ray Cline
    Back Up And Push
    Soldiers Joy
    Sally Goodin
    John Henry
    Katie Hill

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