Bean Blossom, 3.1, June 17, 1972
Saturday evening

        Goins Brothers
        Kentucky Slim - guitar, Leslie Sturgill - bass, mandolin, Art Stamper - fiddle
        Ray Goins - banjo, Melvin Goins - guitar
    Across The Sea Blues
    Kentucky Breakdown
    Windy Mountain
    In The Head Of The Holler
    Death Came A-Creepin' Into My Room (with Paul Mullins)
    Intro Fox On The Run

        Cliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass
        Cliff Waldron - guitar, Gene Johnson - mandolin, Bill Poffinberger - fiddle,
        Jimmy Arnold - banjo, Ed Farris - bass
    Proud Mary
    East Tennessee Blues
    By The River
    Home Sweet Home
    The Four Strong Winds
    Matthew 24
    Unknown Title

        Second Generation
        Eddie Adcock - banjo, Martha Adcock - guitar, Wendy Thatcher - guitar,
        Jimmy Gaudreau - mandolin, Bob White? - bass
    Intro Sea Of Heartbreak
    Bluebirds Singing Chatter
    Cripple Creek
    Country Roads
    18-Mocking Banjo

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