Bean Blossom, 2.2, June 17, 1972
Saturday evening

        Ralph Stanley And The Clinch Mountain Boys
        Ralph Stanley - banjo, Curly Ray Cline - fiddle, Ricky Skaggs - mandolin
        Keith Whitley - guitar, Roy Lee Centers - guitar, Jack Cooke - bass
    Intro Riding On That Midnight Train
    Pretty Little Indian
    All I Ever Loved Was You
    Let Me Rest At The End Of My Journey
    Will You Miss Me
    Little Maggie Pretty Polly Little Maggie
    Cry From The Cross
    Katy Daley

        Jim and Jesse and the Virginia Boys
        Jim McReynolds - guitar, Jesse McReynolds - mandolin, William McCormick - bass
        Jim Brock - fiddle, Vic Jordan - banjo
    Intro Fiddle Tune Are You Missin Me
    I Wish You Knew Band Intros
    Pick Away
    Cash On A Barrel Head
    El Cumbanchero
    Rocky Top
    Please Be My Love
    Freight Train

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