Bean Blossom, 2.1, June 17, 1972
Saturday afternoon

        Bill Clifton - guitar, Mike Seeger - guitar, autoharp, Tom Gray - bass
        John Farmer - banjo, Tracy Schwarz - fiddle
    Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
    Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia
    Cluck Old Hen
    Oh Take Me Back
    The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
    Mary Dear
    Liberty Dance
    Little White Washed Chimney

        Don Reno, Bill Harrell and the Tennessee Cutups
        Don Reno - banjo, Bill Harrell - guitar, Raymond McClain - mandolin
        Ruth McClain - bass, Buck Ryan - fiddle
    Intro Limehouse Blues
    Love Is A Stranger
    Kansas City Railroad Blues
    Just A Phone Call Will Do
    Orange Blossom Special
    Dreaming Of A Little Cabin
    Charlotte Breakdown

        James Monroe and the Midnight Ramblers
        James Monroe - guitar, Lynn Dunn - Bass, David Dougherty - Banjo
        Buck White - Mandolin, Vernon Jerrick - Fiddle
    Intro Unknown Title
    Roll On Buddy
    Dusty Miller
    Happiness Hill
    All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
    Cherokee Shuffle
    Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
    The Girl In My Dreams
    I Haven't Seen Mary In Years
    Somebody Touched Me

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