Bean Blossom, 1.2, June 17, 1972
Saturday afternoon

        Cliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass
        Cliff Waldron - guitar, Gene Johnson - mandolin, Bill Poffinberger - fiddle,
        Jimmy Arnold - banjo, Ed Farris - bass
    Kentucky Love
    Deep River
    Falling Leaves
    Corinna Where'd You Stay Last Night
    The Veil Of White Lace
    The Valley Of The Never Do No Good
    Bluebirds Are Singing For Me
    Nobody's Love Is Like Mine
    Fox On The Run

        Carl Story and the Ramblin' Mountaineers
        Carl Story - guitar, Bob Burnham - bass, Argil Meeks - fiddle,
        Larry Johnson - banjo, Harold Austin - guitar
    I'll Be A Friend To Jesus
    I'm Workin' On A Building
    Light At The River
    I've Got A Lot To Tell My Jesus
    Panhandle Country

        Second Generation
        Eddie Adcock - banjo, Martha Adcock - guitar, Wendy Thatcher - guitar,
        Jimmy Gaudreau - mandolin, Bob White? - bass
    Intro Happy Together
    Silence Or Tears
    Mrs Robinson
    All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
    Old Man
    Old Joe Clark
    Unknown Title

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