Culpeper-Warrenton 1973

 Note: All of these recordings were made on a cheap Sony pianokey cassette recorder,
 so please accept my apologies for the poor audio quality.

   Jam 1 (Byron Berline, Alan Munde, Buck White,
Jerry McCoury, Roger Bush)

   Jam 2 (Byron Berline, Vassar Clements, Alan Munde,
          Bill Keith, Sam Bush, David Grisman, Roger Bush,
          Grant Boatright)

   *The Dillards

   The Dillards "St. Peter's Gonna Put Me Up" (My story on WAMU 2007)

   *Doug Kershaw

   *Jimmy Martin

   Country Gentlemen

   *Earl Scruggs Review

   Lilly Brothers, Don Stover, Tex Logan

   Peter Rowan, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Vassar Clements, Tex Logan

   *Norman Blake

   *New Grass Revival

   John Hartford


     Read an editorial from Muleskinner News by Fred Bartenstein.

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